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Emotional Mother and Son First-look Inspires Series on 'Black Boy Joy'

Black boy joy is fighting back tears at the sight of your mom in her wedding dress. You can tell by the way the bride holds her son's face that Sommer L. Jean and Mekhi Sheffield have a strong bond.

Source: tiktok/thomasadriana1
Sommer L. Jean embraces son Mekhi before walking down the aisle.

"I'm so happy for you," said the 11-year-old to his mom.

The emotional first-look has been viewed more than 8 million times on TikTok. The couple wed on January 8th. Since then, their special moment has been featured on CBS This Morning, Good Morning America, and the Today Show.

The newlyweds who met online sat down for an interview on The Purpose Producer Podcast just 8 days after their wedding. Both were parents before they met. Sommer said she knew Jeffrey was the one after he met Mekhi.

"If he's not happy then I'm not happy," said mom.

Sommer's husband Jeffrey said seeing Mekhi on her arm was the final icing on the cake.

"There was no other individual that mattered to her more," he added.

When it comes to blending their families, Mr. Jean said they're keeping God first. The honeymoon is on hold until Springbreak.

While Mekhi is still adjusting to the attention at school, he's not shy about wanting fame when he's older. The aspiring artist, actor, and comedian already has a growing fanbase on his GoFundMe page. While mom runs the page, the donations go directly to Mekhi's art dreams.

The heartfelt moment has inspired the "Black Boy Joy" series on The Purpose Producer. You can expect interviews from other Black men who are unapologetically finding joy in everyday life.


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