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Queen Shayla Love

How We Met

Her eyes dance, her smile sings and her body speaks a language that Rosetta can't teach you.

Shayla Love Washington is a walking Broadway production.

Without ever parting her lips, Shayla can make you feel a joy that you never thought existed.

When we hang out, the rest of the world fades away. We live in our own world where unicorns run wild and the chocolate chip cookies are always warm.

We met in Las Vegas in 2007 at the National Association of Black Journalists convention. I first noticed her hair. Like Shayla, her tresses were big, bold and free. It was love at first sight. For four days, she was my best friend. We would sneak into parties and wander off to random locations for impromptu photo shoots.

The world is our playground.

People assumed we'd traveled there together but Vegas is her home. She taught me everything I needed to know about desert life. She was my tour guide and my accomplice. We didn’t look for trouble; we were trouble.

We lost touch for nearly four years before finding each other on The Book of Faces in 2012.

Last summer, I relocated to Atlanta and I was overjoyed. Two weeks into my new life, Shayla came over to welcome me. It was like time never passed; the clock simply stopped.

We are kindred spirits.

Remember the baby from Teletubbies? He was the sun. Shayla is my infant in the sun.

She illuminates the darkest of days and tickles my soul with her charm and wit.

So, whether she's making a cameo on Being Mary Jane or transforming an office space for a national recording artist, Shayla is the same. She pours every ounce of passion into every move she makes.

Shayla, you are too dope for words.

About Shayla

Shayla Love Washington is the CEO of Your Best Space Ever where she specializes in space optimization through creative condensing. She is a vibrant creator known for slipping into multiple shoes of creativity--actor, writer, poet, filmmaker, and BEYOND. Her brand is about unlimited creativity and showcasing her expansion as an artist (and human!) through the lens of creative expression. It's colorful, it's unique, funny, fresh, witty and relevant.

How You Can Find Shayla


Facebook: @shaylalovewashington

Twitter: @shaylalove


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