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Queen La'Janee' Cosby

How We Met

I'm a jealous friend so I never wanted to be hers. When my close friend Barry said I should meet his friend La'Janee' Cosby, I sucked my teeth. Everyone knows how I feel about my friends. I'm selfish.

"She's great! You're going to love her." he said. "She graduated from Jackson State."

You had me at HBCU.

Historically Black Colleges and Universities hold a special place in my heart.

So, I met his little friend. She was funny and smart, but I wasn't in a place to receive her friendship at the time.

While I sorted out my mess, her loyalty remained consistent. She even came to my going away party after meeting a few short months prior.

It's been five years since we first met and we're still friends.

Two things have strengthened our bond: our passion for women's empowerment and our faith in God.

Here's an except from a Facebook conversation:

La'Janee': In your spare time, listen to Juanita Bynum 'Overflow.' La'Janee': You crossed my mind, while listening. I hope it blesses you. Me: Imma listen right now Me: Girl I'm tired La'Janee': It'll relax you. It's like 10 minutes long lol

What she doesn't know is that I used to study Juanita Bynum's ministry. Every day, after school, I'd come home and watch her on TBN. I even had her CD.

She will never know how her spontaneous words of encouragement helped me hold on another day. At the time of her message, I was in funk. Well, let's call it what it is: DEPRESSION.

When she launched the "She is B.A.E. Summit" in 2016, I was overwhelmed with pride. Through this event, she provides programming for Black female entrepreneurs. She's lifting while she climbs. She's sharing her heart.

La'Janee, you are too dope for words.

About La'Janee'

La’Janee’ Cosby, founder of ‘LaJaneeCosby.Com’ (Live January) and She is B.A.E (Building an Empire) Summit Tour™, is inspiring others to live the life they truly desire.

Her tenacity and love for all things related to media inspired the Mississippi native and Jackson State University alumna to pursue full-time entrepreneurship after six years in the corporate world.

As a media strategist, La’Janee’ has a list of clients ranging from app developers to mayoral candidates, and other bloggers. Being able to help small business owners and brands determine the best strategy to convey their message to the masses is one of her greatest joys.

As a blogger, she has had the pleasure of interviewing Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Wendy Williams, Chrisette Michele, Taraji P. Henson just to name a few. She is also a familiar face to TMZ Live, HuffPost Live, and Deb Antney’s ‘Be 100 Radio.’ This media maven also loves to use her platform to discuss issues varying from living as a single Black woman in America and empowering others to walk in their purpose.

As La’Janee’ Cosby continues to reach for the stars, she hopes to inspire anyone who wants to be in total control of their lives.

How You Can Find La'Janee

Twitter: @_lajanee_

Instagram: @_lajanee_

Snapchat: lajanee_cosby

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