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Queen Kershauna Johnson

How We Met

You may not see it in the bounce of her hair, the length of her nails or brand of her bag.

Her queenly contributions cannot be measured by the style of her shoe or size of her bra. She is not defined by labels.

If you boldly look beyond her tie, her vest and the absence of mascara, you can see her heart. It’s the very thing that makes this queen’s stride turn heads.

Kershauna Johnson single-handedly cured me of my own prejudice.

By being a friend to me, she exposed me to the things I feared the most; the things that are different. Never have I felt more like Georgia than when I am in her presence. By allowing me to be unapologetically myself, she showed me how to embrace her brand of femininity.

We met in Shreveport, Louisiana at KSLA News 12 where nestled behind the walls of master control, dozens of TV monitors illuminate her face. She’s quiet, but beyond the buzz of the computer towers, commercial breaks and newscasts, her thoughts are loud and clear.

KJ is a creative force. She doesn’t say much, but when her lips part, people listen.

She is the friend who hears my thoughts before the words can escape my mouth. She knows what I’m thinking and what I need before I do. She’s always one step ahead, and that is her super power.

One day, I was super bored in the newsroom and I decided to dip out.

“Aye, you wanna ride?” I asked. “I’m going to get a smoothie.”

We ended up at the river where we had a twenty-minute photo session. Being the shutter bug that I am, I trusted her with the camera. That is where she comes alive.

Through her company, Kidd Productions, she breathes life into every client’s vision. She zooms at just the right moment. She knows when to pan away and when to add just a flicker of light.

Her gifts enhance the narration of every story. Her gifts have enhanced my life.

I am inspired by her love and motivated by her vision. I am a better person because she is my friend.

Kershauna, you are too dope for words.

About Kershauna

Kershauna Johnson has a love of music, heart of gold and a genuine soul. With 12 years of video production and editing under her belt, she has finally begin to step out of her shell to tell her own story. Through music, poetry, photography and visuals, her goal is to inspire others to face their fears, stand tall through the storms and chase your dreams regardless of your circumstances. Kershauna is owner of Kidd Productions, a video production company that focuses on telling your unique story. In 2015, she worked as EPK Director/Editor for the short film “A Noteworthy Journey and The Millennials: Awakening." She also served as editor for “A Noteworthy Journey”.

She is the Co-Creator of the reality cooking series, “Daddy Knows Kitchen” where she collaborates with good friend Tralicia “Tree” Allen. Kershauna is just getting started. She is creating content for her first showcase highlighting all of her talents. She is also preparing to publish her first book which will be a collection of poems and photos.

How You Can Find Kershauna


Instagram: @KiddTNC

Tumblr: KiddTNC


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