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Queen TaiQuay Smith

How We Met

Anyone who has ever attended college knows that the experience is 10% what you learn in class and 90% what you learn about yourself.

In 2006, TaiQuay Smith helped me learn a lesson that I was not ready to receive.

We were paired together in ENC 1101. For the assignment, we had to profile someone who contributed greatly to the arts... or something like that.

Anyway, I wanted to do someone notable like Maya Angelou or Nikki Giovonni. She wanted to profile Tupac.

I rolled my eyes extra hard at the thought.

Who does she think she is? That is so hood.

Lord, forgive me. I was too ignorant for my own good. That project changed my point of view. It's turns out Tupac was more than just a rapper. The guy went to an arts school. He was a Thespian. He was dramatic just like me. So, now I'm Tupac.

When she became a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, I was proud.

When she got her masters degree, I rejoiced.

But when she became a mother, she truly captured my attention.

She now has one of the most demanding, and equally, rewarding jobs of all time.

Last November, TaiQuay said she was thinking about starting a blog on motherhood. Having witnessed her evolution over the last 10 years, I reached out. She now has her own YouTube channel where she documents her motherhood journey. She tackles everything from labor and delivery to breastfeeding.

Now I get to watch her merge all the chapters of her life together. From coach to educator to mom, she is using her voice to better the world.

TaiQuay, you are too dope for words.

About TaiQuay

Mami de Cinco ’s over goal is to share, showcase, support and normalize the many styles motherhood and new age parenting. Creator, TaiQuay Smith,"Mami de Cinco" is a Full Time-First Time Mom, currently pursuing a graduate degree. In these rolesMami de Cinco looks to chronicle the journey of parenthood as a young, black, educated, bougie, imperfect mother who illuminates:

Breastfeeding practices, methods of integrating holistic child development and research-based child parenting practices, despite the many taboos within the Black community. All whilst relying on the overall dopeness of instinct driven parental approaches.

TaiQuay is a former highly qualified teacher and holds the 2 degrees in the field of education from Lesley University and 1 in the field of psychology from FAMU.

How You Can Find TaiQuay

Facebook: MamiDeCinco0914

Youtube: Mami de Cinco 0914

Instagram: @Mami_de_Cinco0914

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