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Queen Deidre Mathis

How We Met

One minute she's soaking up the sun on South Beach and the next she's snapping pictures in Hong Kong.

The minute after that, she's in New Zealand.

Every time I look up, Deidre Mathis is serving up a new episode of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Behind every double tap, like and share, is a jealous woman who wishes she could be that brave... who wishes she could be that free.

I am that jealous woman.

When she walked away from journalism a few years ago, she didn't abandon her gifts.

She evolved.

Deidre now controls the stories she tells crafting each chapter.

Like many of my queens, Deidre and I met on the campus of Florida A&M University (FAMU). When we passed each other in the halls, I knew who she was but I didn't know who she would become.

Deidre is a boss and she's building her army.

In her book, Wanderlust: For the Young, Broke Professional, she reveals her secrets to traveling on a budget. But, when she's not crafting stories about her laps around the globe, she's investing in her empire.

This summer, she's opening her own hostel in Houston where she will be the first Black female hostel owner in the United States.

Last year, we reunited for the first time since graduating from FAMU. We're all grown up now, but the love is even stronger.

Fortunately, my jealousy is only temporary. When those emotions fade away, I am filled with pride.

This queen is an inspiration to all the princesses locked away in towers where they can only dream about the sights she has already seen. Life is not a fairy tale, but dreams do come true.

Deidre, you are too dope for words.

About Deidre

Deidre Mathis is well known as a budget world traveler, author and public speaker. She has traveled more than 34 countries over 6 continents and has lived abroad in 3 of those countries. Her first book, “Wanderlust: For the Young, Broke Professional” has been ordered in countries such as the U.A.E., China, and Australia.

Fed up with the daunting task of working a full time job that didn’t fulfill her personal or professional growth, and after graduating with her master’s degree, Mathis decided to quit her job and embark on a travel gap year where she lived on her 12.12.12 model: 12 countries in 12 months for less than $12,000. She's been touring the world ever since.

When not traveling, Deidre is working on opening her international hostel: Wanderlust Houston: A Texas Hostel in Houston, TX summer 2017. She will be the first African-American female USA hostel owner.

How You Can Find Deidre

Instagram: @deidreworldwide

Twitter: @WanderlustYBP

Websites: and

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