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Queen Charnae McDonald

How We Met

Never in my life had a seen a Black Doug and Patty Mayonnaise until I met Ben and Charnae in 2014.

They are the couple that everyone hates. They actually found love on the World Wide Web. Their love story began on one of the most underrated websites in the history of the internet…

MySpace. Dot. Com.

Charnae McDonald's gifts stir up the queen in me.

Because of my bond with women who look like me, my life in Shreveport, Louisiana was one of the most rewarding chapters of my life.

In 2013, I packed up 2010 Toyota Corolla and made the lonely 16-hour drive from Florida.

I didn’t know a soul.

Then, God blessed me with a family.







And Charnae.

Producers, anchors and reporters.

We were the soul behind the news.

With Jesus and wine, we made it through some of life’s most difficult obstacles. We often got together for faux sleepovers because we were too grown to pay rent and not sleep in our own beds. So, we wore pajamas, popped bottles and twerked to anything Beyoncé. And while we could shutdown a club with the best of them, we were never far from the church pews.

Charnae always seems happy and I think that's weird.

Like orphan Annie, she's never fully dressed without a smile, but sometimes you have to throw out the rundown.

This queen inspired me the most when she quit her job to invest in her dream full time. I was so jealous.

I remember wishing that my vision was that clear. I wanted her drive, her heart and her equipment.

Thank you for inspiring me to launch my own company.

Charnae, you are too dope for words.

About Charnae

Kissing Cactus was created by Charnae McDonald to capture life's everyday moments on video.

As a former news reporter and producer, Kissing Cactus allows Charnae to continue to fuel her passion of storytelling by producing family legacy videos.

When you book with Kissing Cactus, you're getting more than a videographer that shoots weddings and commercial work, you're getting a look into your life from a second point of view.

Recent projects include documenting a child turning one, an ambitious senior ready to graduate and a family celebrating their annual Christmas traditions.

The best quote that explains her journey says, "I wish I could tell my younger self, don't take photos of special occasions—take photos of everyday life. That's what will interest you later. I'd love to have more photos of my college dorm room and fewer of the Eiffel Tower."

How You Can Find Charnae

Facebook: @kissingcactus

Instagram: @kissingcactus


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