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Queen Kamelah Muhammad

How We Met

Her eyes.

Her nose.

Her smile.

When she parts her lips, her smile sheds light on all that is right in the world.

I could obsess over her looks all day, but there is so much more to this queen.

If you don’t fall in love with her face, you will fall in love with her heart.

Kamelah Muhammad is a treasure.

We met on the campus of Florida A&M University (FAMU).

I was in line for an event, but I didn’t have the money for my ticket.

Kamelah overheard my plight and handed me $10 from her purse.

She didn’t know me like that and she didn’t have to.

That’s just who she is.

When Kamelah created Sisterhood of the Traveling Heart, I celebrated her the best way I could.

I shared the post, liked it and left a comment.

Two years later, I got a second chance because for the first time since college, we live in the same city.

When I moved to Atlanta, I already knew I had a network in FAMU alumni.

One of the first events I attended was Kamelah and Shaletha’s birthday party.

I hiked to Marietta to chill with them poolside.

Tequila, Uno and hot dogs.

I felt right at home. It was like college all over again.

Two months later, the same duo helped me celebrate my birthday.

They showed up for me.

Last month, Kamelah decided to host three charity events in three cities at the same time.

Atlanta, Chicago and New York!

The goal was to collect donated purses and stuff them with toiletries for women and girls in need.

Kamelah called on me to help. She asked me to host the Atlanta event.

Due to my work schedule, I initially had not planned to attend, but I made time for Kamelah.

I hosted the event on my lunch break.

I was happy to show up for Kamelah because she always shows up for me.

The next day, she took the bags, now stuffed with love, to the shelter.

Kamelah has a heart of gold.

She inspires me to love more, give more and live more.

Kamelah, you are too dope for words.

About Kamelah

Kamelah's passion for helping others led her to start her own 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Sisterhood of the Traveling Heart, Incorporated (SOTTH) in 2014 while living in Brooklyn. SOTTH's mission is to promote beauty and self-confidence among teen girls and women, especially those of color. With the organization’s work, Kamelah is doing just that. Thus far, SOTTH has left its mark in NYC, Chicago, Washington D.C. and Atlanta having collaborated with multiple organizations and schools to create event experiences. One of her greatest accomplishments is having hosted the first-ever prom in her hometown for Teen Living Programs Chicago who provides hope and opportunities to homeless youth.

While managing her nonprofit, Kamelah also manages to continue her purpose-filled work as a marketing professional at the Boys & Girls Clubs of America in Atlanta. She also serves as the Director of Leaders of Tomorrow, an African-American high school program, with the National Black MBA Association Atlanta Chapter.

How You Can Find Kamelah

Instagram: @kandid_kam_ | @_travelingheart

Twitter: @kandid_kam_ | @_travelingheart



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