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Queen Tralicia Allen

How We Met

Unable to complete a sentence without unleashing a flood of tears, I whispered in her ear, “I need you.’

She got up right away and followed me to the bathroom. While I stood quietly in a dark corner, she surveyed the bathroom to make sure there were no foreign ears.

As she walked over to me, I collapsed in her arms. I was sobbing on her shoulder when someone walked into the bathroom. I felt their stare, but we never moved. “She’s OK,” she told the intruder. My uncle had a stroke and I was 16 hours away from home. She didn't know why I cracked and she didn't need to know. I needed a rock and she stood firm for me.

Tralicia “Tree” Allen always stands for me.

If I ever need to bury a body, I will call Tree.

If I ever have to kill anyone, it will be Tree.

She knows too much. She’s my vault.

She keeps the secrets that I don’t even tell myself.

“I wish I had a flip phone so I could hang up in your face,” this is what she says to me at least once a week.

We first met during my interview for KSLA News 12 in 2012. We bonded over our love for Historically Black Colleges and Universities. She went on and on about Dillard University, and I co-signed her praise with my memories of Florida A&M University. There’s something special about being fed and nurtured by people who look like you and know your struggle.

When I got the job, I’d like to think we bonded immediately, but I know better.

Tree does not like new people.

She takes the time to study every person’s spirit. Six weeks into my new role as senior producer, she invited me to her home for her birthday party. In that moment, surrounded by her friends and family, I knew I had made the cut. I’m on the team!

One year later, I moved into her house. We worked together, we lived together and we even worshiped together. Things ran smoothly for about 10 months and then they took a sharp left. She got tired of looking at me and I shared her disgust. Even when she wanted to choke me, she loved me through my mess.

I’m so glad that God has given me friends who are prayer warriors. She has prayed me through the worst of times and I am forever indebted to her.

I hope to one day be as good a friend to her as she has been to me.

Tree, you are too dope for words.

About Tralicia

Tralicia “Tree” Allen is the owner of Lions Production LLC., a Louisiana-based video production company that specializes in producing outstanding TV shows, music videos, wedding videos, highlight reels and commercials. The project that she is most proud of is her cooking show, Daddy Knows Kitchen. She calls it "an idea straight from God." She was blessed to be producer, director, and editor with the help of her great friend Kershuna Johnson. Daddy Knows Kitchen is about the bond between a father and child while cooking. It shows a positive side of fatherhood a well as effective communication skills. it also shows why spending time with your child is vital in today’s society. Making good television shows like A Different World, The Cosby show, Living Single and Martin is her dream. She is currently a director at the number one television station in Shreveport, KSLA News 12.

How You Can Find Tralicia


Instagram: @lions_production



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