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Queen Syleecia Thompson

How We Met

In the creepiest tweet ever, I launched a bat signal in search of Dr. Syleecia Thompson.

“I heard @syleecia is in Tampa today. Let me find her so I can shake her hand.”

To ensure that the message was especially disturbing, I married my words with a gif of Kim Kardashian peeking behind a bush. I knew it was weird when I sent it, yet she replied.

What inspires me the most about Syleecia is her drive and her heart. I was first introduced to her on TVOne’s R&B Divas. Soon after, I began stalking her on social media. Her timeline is a good time.

Two years later, I’m sitting at breakfast with a friend in town for the South Eastern Music Conference. As she ran down the list of panelists, a familiar name echoed in my mind.

“Syleecia… Syleecia… I think I know her,” I said knowing too well that I did not know this woman.

My friend invited me to the conference. I wasn't sure if I could make it, but I tweeted Syleecia anyway. A few hours later, I got a reply. Apparently, she doesn’t mind creepy tweets from strangers because she invited me out that night.

It was moving day and I really didn’t have the time. After breakfast, I spent the rest of my day packing a moving truck so my mom could take my things to storage while I figured out my life. I was in transition. As soon as she drove off, I started getting ready for work. Child, I was out here driving Uber.

Not turning on the app that night was one of the best decisions that I have ever made.

We met at the bar.

Although I didn’t have a notebook and pen, I was there to take notes. I was a sponge ready to absorb any and everything she poured out.

Syleecia is a business woman. I mean literally; she teaches business at Berkeley College, and she’s been in music management forever. She’s incredible!

All I wanted to know was how to be great, but Syleecia reminded me that I already had the juice.

“What do you do? What is your business?” she asked as she turned the spotlight on me. She’s something like Oprah but different. She forced me to survey my skills and my gifts.

In the most in crucial plot twist, she turned the tables on me. She made me uncomfortable and I liked it.

We spent the rest of the night sharing coconut crusted chicken strips and people watching. We sat there for three hours! It was beautiful. It was like I had known her my whole life.

As a true millennial, I couldn’t wait to tweet about our encounter. I sent off my little status and promptly crafted a follow-up email because believe in the power of networking. To my surprise, she tweeted our picture as well. She told people to follow me which got me all hyped up.

If she's telling her network about me, then she must see something in me.

I knew then that God would use her to do something special in my life and He has.

To my benefit, He uses her again and again.

Syleecia is now my life coach and I never talk to her without a notebook and a pen. She is a fountain of wisdom and I want my cup to overflow.

The greatest lesson she has ever taught me is to get out of my feelings.

Unfortunately, I live in my feelings. Seriously, there’s an overflowing mailbox outside and a garden of weeds, worries and doubts. When you live in your feelings, your vision is distorted.

You cannot focus on your purpose if you can’t see past your failures and your fears.

Not only has she motivated me to get my business in shape, but my body is also reaping the benefits.

Health is wealth.

She is one of the greatest resources that God has ever given me. She is my mentor, my sister and my friend.

Syleecia, you are too dope for words.

About Syleecia

With three degrees, a BS in Economics, MBA and a Doctorate in Business; Dr. Syleecia Thompson is inspired and driven by the belief that anything is possible if you work hard and think big. Dr. Thompson is currently a full-time Professor in the School of Business at Berkeley College in New York City. She has taught everything from Economics, Public Relations, and Leadership; all at college level. Her consulting practice focuses on creating the most efficient and effective brands, artists and companies that seek to develop vision, grow and increase their income. She is the daughter of legendary soul singer Syl Johnson and older sister of Grammy-nominated R&B singer Syleena Johnson, whom she began managing in 2005. In 2014, she launched an entrepreneur network called “The Visionaries” and it serves over 60 entrepreneurs in various industries. Dr. Thompson is currently working on several film projects under DYG Management Group, LLC.

How You Can Find Syleecia

Instagram: @Syleecia

Twitter: @Syleecia



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