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Queen Rashan Ali

How We Met

With bowed heads and closed eyes, she took my hands in hers.

We'd turned the edit bay into our prayer closet.

When it’s 8:00 a.m. and you already know that everyone who can will absolutely try your patience today, you need a secret weapon.

Rashan Ali was my prayer warrior when I needed one the most.

I had just started a new project and time was winding down. All eyes were on me. The clock was ticking. I had to show up and show out, but my body was tired and my spirit weak.

Rashan read me like a 5-page book. Too easy.

“Are you good? You ok?” she’d ask. I replied that I was OK, but I wasn’t.

Every day she asked and every day I lied; I lied to myself.

When your skin is brown and your dreams are big, you must work twice as hard to get half as much; I was working overtime.

I’ve aspired to be like Rashan Ali since I was a freshman at Florida A&M University.

In the School of Journalism and Graphic Communication, the bar was set high with names like Pam Oliver and Rashan Ali. Two great Black journalists. The professors often raved about Rashan’s work in sports and radio. I knew who she was, but she didn’t know me.

Ten years later, we finally got a chance to meet when I relocated to Atlanta. For about a month, we only communicated via email. I was counting down until the day we finally locked eyes.

“Hey Rattler,” I called out with a smile.

“Hey Rattler,” she cheered as she skipped to me with open arms.

That hug was more than just a friendly greeting. Although we had never met, it was a reunion.

She looked at me and I looked at her.

She saw me and I saw her.

I value these moments because on too many occasions, I have experienced the emptiness of someone looking at my face while looking straight through me… never seeing the brokenness, the doubt or the fear.

Rashan sees people and that is her gift.

She has always been #careergoals, but now she is #lifegoals. She’s a mom, a wife, a television host and a CEO.

But don’t sleep, Rashan is also #bodygoals. She’s a swimmer, a runner and a stunner. Her vitals are on fleek.

Rashan, you are too dope.

About Rashan

Rashan Ali considers herself to be "everybody's homegirl!" A multi-media personality, philanthropist, author and now podcaster from Atlanta, GA, Rashan truly understands the statement of "taking my greatness into my own hands." After more than 12 years in local radio, she immersed herself in freelance sports and entertainment television. Craving the feeling of telling other people's stories, Rashan launched "The Cool Soror Podcast" which shares the life journeys of women and men in Black Greek Lettered Organizations. To broaden the scope of her reach, the podcast will now have a featured called "Cool People."

Rashan truly believes that everybody has a story and she will continue to be the conduit of those stories, one interview at a time.

How to Find Rashan

Instagram: @rashanali, @sportygirlsinc, @coolsoror Facebook: Rashan Ali (Fan Page) / Sporty Girls, Inc. / Cool Soror / Piper Sky

Website: visit

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