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Queen Shari' Nycole

How We Met

Shari’ Nycole Welton is not even my friend. I borrowed her from the dozens of friends we share, and I don’t plan on giving her back.

She’s the scarf, the shoes and the bag that you swiped from your best friend five years ago because you thought they looked better on you.

Shari’ Nycole is a gift.

We met last year at a dear friend’s birthday party. She was the old friend and I was the new friend. I had been anticipating the moment we met since I first heard her name.

Our friend kept comparing us and I was super annoyed.

“Shari’ is a producer, too.” Okay…

“You and Shari’ are about the same age.” And?

“My friend Shari’ is natural, too.” *side eye* “Do you mind if I send her a picture of your hair?”

Listen, things got weird.

This girl better be my long-lost sister.

I insta-stalked her hard. I swiped and I studied, but careful not to double tap.

She looks nothing like me, bruh.

The moment I walked into the venue for the party, I knew exactly who she was. She stood out. Her skin alone was radiant, but her smile lit up the entire club. I introduced myself. We shared a hug. Then, we spent the rest of the night burning a hole in the floor.

Stepping, sliding and twerking, we danced like we had been rehearsing in the mirror with hair brushes for years.

For a moment, memories we never shared flashed through my head. Playing tag, racing to the bus stop and climbing trees. Of course, these things never happened, but we danced and laughed like we’d known each other since Lisa Frank trapper keepers and nanopets.

Her spirit looks like mine. Her strength, her hustle and her flow, all looked like mine. And, if you turn your head to the left, close your right eye and cough, she might even look like me.

It’s been six months since we met in real life and we haven’t missed a beat. She pushes me and she inspires me. I’m in awe of the gifts that God has placed within her. The anointing on her life is a rare treasure. This is the kind of sisterhood that is not sold in stores. Only God could craft such a special bond, and only God could mold such a queen.

Shari’ Nycole, you are too dope for words.

About Shari' Nycole

A Chicago native, Sharí Nycole is a media personality, and she is also a "super producer" for TV One and PBS. Her brand is one representative of versatility, as she can do everything from interviewing A-list celebs to radio appearances to sole producing one-hour programs to videography and editing work. Sharí Nycole believes every project she takes on should serve, entertain and inspire audiences. In November 2016, she launched, which features celebrity interviews, various production projects, a blog and much more. Aside from her career, Sharí Nycole values mentorship and believes it's imperative she share her time and talents with young people in need of tangible examples of professional, personal and spiritual achievement.

How You Can Find Shari' Nycole

Instagram: @Shari_Nycole

Twitter: @Shari_Nycole

Facebook: @sharinycole


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