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Too Dope for Words: An Open Letter to Dope Queens

Dear Queen

My relationship with you is of great importance. You are a reflection of me and everything I value about sisterhood. When I look into your eyes, I see the depths of my own struggles and the potential of my altitude.

Your stride alone is an inspiration because wherever you plant your feet, that is sacred ground.




You love me like only a Black woman can. You are my sister, my kindred and my friend. You are the hand that pulls me to my feet when life has gotten the best of me. You keep me humble and you nurture my gifts.

You are everything that is right about sisterhood.

Because I know you, I am blessed.

My prayer is that you continue to lift while you climb, shatter glass ceilings and fall more in love with the work of art in the mirror.

Queen, you are too dope for words. It is an honor to celebrate the God in you.

I see you.

With love,

Georgia Dawkins

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